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we rule - kthx.
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welcome to werule_kthx, you brave, brave soul.

the mods

aim: Headshots 8x10s


aim: ohh marilyn


1. every last question must be answered in your application. they're there for a reason. yes, that includes the fact that you MUST have pictures or else we hate you.
2. USE AN LJ CUT for applications and any pictures you will post in here EVER. if you don't know how to do that you're retarted. oh, and if you're new, please put 'new' in the subject title.
3. in the applications, include the questions along with your answers. yes, we're amazing but we're not mindreaders.
4. you can only comment on your own entry until you are accepted.
5. no bitching. if you don't get in it just means no one likes you anyway. kthx.
6. once you're rejected, you need to leave the community in 3 days or else we'll be all up in yo shit. and if you're brave enough to try getting in again, you can. in a week. but remember, no bitching. 2nd time around doesn't make you a hero.
7. don't delete a post or comment or anything. for any reason. don't go back and change something just because you're getting negative comments. or else headshots_8x10s will go into attack mode. you don't want that.
8. kissing the mods asses will get you nowhere. we know were better than you.
9. you must promote and link where you promoted so we know youre not lying, jerk.
10. when voting, write your "yes" or "no" in the subject of the comment.
11. don't make a post promoting any other communities, you can only invite individual people through a comment.
12. text only posts are ok but dont make it too boring...amuse us. we're humans and we have emotions just like you.
13. when you're accepted, VOTE motherfucker. or else we might just have to get brutal.
14. also, when you're accepted we don't care what you post. post a picture of you, your mom, your ass, your dog, just enjoy.
15. when voting, be honest. be brutal. be bitchy. be picky.
16. follow the rules, you hoe.

NOTE: you need to be at least 15, because 12 year olds are not as hip as they think they are. and no lying. kthx.

the link to the promotion banners are at the bottom of the userinfo. go there now. kthx.


to get this out of the way..
who are you? [first and middle name]
how old are you?
where you live: city/state?

name 7 of your favourite..

for our amusement..
do you prefer the mall or a flea market/thrift store?:
what is your favourite item that you own? why?:
name two people you'd like to stab and explain why:
three things you believe strongly in and why?:
what is your favourite part of your body? why?:
how many times a day do you brush your teeth?:
how often do you masturbate?:
what's your favourite sexual position and why?:
tell us what you're deathly afraid of?:
[don't be alarmed when we laugh at you]
tell us a joke:
find a random picture off the internet and post it here:
if you were a condom, what kind would you be?:
are you happy with your genitalia? why or why not?:

prove to us that you're worthy..
give 5 reasons why you think youre better then us
describe yourself in the form of a haiku .. seriously:
if you were michelle or simone miller...why would you let yourself into this community?:
rate yourself from 1-10 .. [10 is hot, 1 is not] and tell why:

give us your opinions on ..
the 'scene':
sXe kids:
this community:

finish the sentence..
i just went to the bathroom and..:
michelle and simone are really gangster because..:
george bush totally..:
my friend once had mutton chops, and...:

show us 5 pictures of yourself. we want to be able to SEE YOU REALLY WELL in at least 3. kthx.

and here are the promo banners <3